Design & Engineering Capabilities


Prototyping is an interactive process in which we build a functional model for our customer before production. Each project begins with meeting with the customer to discuss part requirements. We are involved from the beginning with part design so the part will be easy to manufacture and economical. Once specifications are set, the part is created digitally as a new part drawing. This drawing is considered the first design (rev.1) of the part and will be saved. Any revisions will be created separately (rev.2, rev.3, etc.). Changes needed to meet functional requirements or customer requests will be made in the prototype phase before production.

CAD Design

We have fully network integrated CAD/CAM programming for design, unfolding, bending, laser cutting and punching to produce your sheet metal parts. We can work with your 3D solid or wire frame designs in all CAD formats. Our unfolding software utilizes a true 3D solid model to check for interference and collisions between the part, tools and brake. Once programmed, the CNC code is delivered to our CNC machine control to produce your parts. This advanced software ensures that your part will be produced right the first time and every time.


Acceptable CAD Formats



ISO 9001:2008 Certified.
ISO 13485:2003 Registered.