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5 Red Flags from Metal Manufacturing Vendors to Watch Out For

The vendors you work with have an impact on your business. Whether that impact is positive or negative depends on a few factors, including each vendor's dedication to quality. And, like any relationship, things can start going south before you start to realize it. Here are five metal manufacturing vendor red flags to watch out for.

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FABTECH 2018 and The Manufacturing Industry Outlook

Just over a month ago, I was down in Atlanta, Georgia at FABTECH 2018. And I, along with tens of thousands of individuals tied to the manufacturing industry, attended this year’s FABTECH conference for any number of reasons: to learn, teach, exhibit, network, advertise, or otherwise participate in shaping the future of the manufacturing industry.

Overall, I attended to represent R&M Manufacturing and to freshen my perspective on the manufacturing industry outlook going into 2019. But before we dive in too deep, let’s start with a few of the basics.

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Careers at R&M Manufacturing

We’re Looking for a Punch Press Setup/Press Brake Setup Operator to Join Our Growing Team

Do you have experience with progressive die stamping? Due to recent growth, we have some available metal fabrication jobs in Buffalo, MN. One position we’re looking to fill is for a Progressive Punch Press Setup Operator. This position is available for both first and second shift. You can view the full position details here:

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About R&M Manufacturing | Sheet Metal Fabrication

Here's What Our Price Includes

Here at R&M Manufacturing, we are committed to delivering competitive pricing. We understand that each customer has different needs, so we work with customers as individuals in order to provide them with what they need. There’s no doubt that we manufacture quality parts to exact specifications, but it’s important to realize that’s not all we do. Here’s a look at what else we provide our customers.

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About R&M Manufacturing

The History of R&M Manufacturing

Since 1969, R&M Manufacturing has been a leading producer of precision sheet metal components. With 40+ years of experience in sheet metal fabrication, our methods are repeatable and economical. Here's a little bit about the history of R&M and how it came to be the company it is today. 

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About R&M Manufacturing

Our ISO Certifications and Their Impact on Metal Manufacturing Processes

In metal manufacturing, quality control is essential. There need to be processes in place to ensure quality and consistency. Whether we're creating hundreds, thousands, or millions of components, ISO quality standards provide the processes - and third-party accountability - to deliver consistent, quality components to our customers. 

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