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In metal manufacturing, quality control is essential. There need to be processes in place to ensure quality and consistency. Whether we're creating hundreds, thousands, or millions of components, ISO quality standards provide the processes - and third-party accountability - to deliver consistent, quality components to our customers. 

What Do ISO Certifications Provide?

Caption: Our ISO Certifications and Their Impact on Metal Manufacturing ProcessesCurrently, R&M holds the ISO 9001:2015 certification. Here's how ISO impacts our organization and our customers.


Following the ISO program required R&M to dig into its existing processes in order to better manage the flow of all jobs. All current processes are subject to regular review. 

Continuous Improvement

While we had a quality control program in place prior to ISO, one area where it lacked was continuous improvement. Now, there is constant attention on improving the way we function and the final products we produce. 

Each year, we set annual targets for improving our metal manufacturing production. This involves measuring each customer's defective parts per million (DPPM) and setting tangible goals for improvement. Not only does this help us better meet the needs of our customers, but it also gives every employee a common goal to strive toward.


Having and maintaining ISO certification can act as a sort of badge to show current and future customers our dedication to quality and improvement. Because we strive to be a world-class metal manufacturer, we are compelled to demonstrate our commitment to quality both inside and outside our business. 

Role Clarity

One ISO requirement is that every employee has a job description and that our organization have a chart outlining the chain of command. Combined, these two things provide a level of clarity that helps clear up confusion and keep processes moving smoothly. 

Basically, working with ISO allows us to continuously improve the quality of our products. It creates a healthy work environment at R&M, and it increases the confidence our customers have for us to meet their needs. 

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