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We’re Looking for a Punch Press Setup/Press Brake Setup Operator to Join Our Growing Team

Do you have experience with progressive die stamping? Due to recent growth, we have some available metal fabrication jobs in Buffalo, MN. One position we’re looking to fill is for a Progressive Punch Press Setup Operator. This position is available for both first and second shift. You can view the full position details here:

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Quality | Sheet Metal Fabrication

Demand Zero Defects. What to Look for in Quality Assurance from Your Parts Manufacturer

There are no two ways about it; quality assurance is critical to any metal manufacturer. And while every component fabricator will have quality assurance processes in place, how strictly they adhere to those policies has a big impact on how well they meet the needs of their customers. Here’s a look at quality assurance and having zero defects as your goal.

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Progressive Stamping

3 Examples of Metal Stamping

Metal stamping is a process that uses dies to transform flat metal sheets into shapes. In the most basic sense, it’s an operation where metal is cut with a component. Stamping can be performed both as a progressive operation or with a stage tool. Metal stamping is used to produce parts for large machinery or can be molded into shapes for household items.

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About R&M Manufacturing | Sheet Metal Fabrication

Here's What Our Price Includes

Here at R&M Manufacturing, we are committed to delivering competitive pricing. We understand that each customer has different needs, so we work with customers as individuals in order to provide them with what they need. There’s no doubt that we manufacture quality parts to exact specifications, but it’s important to realize that’s not all we do. Here’s a look at what else we provide our customers.

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Design/Engineering | Metal Manufacturing

What Does It Mean to be a Problem Solver?

When it comes to our relationships with customers, we’re not just metal fabricators, we’re also problem solvers. Typically, our customers come to us with a need for a high-quality prototype. They’re looking for a metal component that does exactly what they need it to do. Developing, designing, and fabricating a new component depends on many variables, so we work closely with our customers to develop something that fits their needs and works within the guidelines of metal fabrication.

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Design/Engineering | Tool/Die Build

The Importance of Dimensioning a Print Properly

Whether you’re talking about parts or tools, a properly dimensioned print can mean the difference between success and failure. And if the dimensioning isn’t compatible with a part’s real-world function, following a tool print’s specifications isn’t going to give you a great result. Here’s what you need to know about dimensioning a print.

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About R&M Manufacturing

R&M's In-House Metal Manufacturing Process

The metal manufacturing process your part or component goes through is going to depend on the specifics of your need. We’re a multifaceted metal manufacturer, meaning we have multiple ways to make a part. We have comprehensive equipment, and we have highly-skilled employees who aren’t just metal fabricators – they’re problem solvers.

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5 Signs It's Time to Switch Metal Manufacturing Vendors

The vendors you choose to work with have an impact on your business. Whether that impact is positive or negative depends on the overall quality of the vendor relationships you've built over time. And, like any relationship, things can start going south before you really realize it. Here are five metal manufacturing vendor red flags to watch out for.

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Tool/Die Build

Why You Should Order a Metal Manufacturing Tool

Having a custom tool made isn’t cheap, but, it can be a wise investment. If your current metal manufacturing efforts include a recurring component that is fabricated on a consistent, ongoing basis, having a tool developed can be a great option. Here are a few reasons why.

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The Importance of Where Raw Manufacturing Materials are Sourced From

If you're used to buying materials out on the spot market, you know how much of a gamble it can be. Whether you’re seeking a minimal poundage of a special material that your typical vendors don’t have, or you're still searching for trusted vendors to work with, purchasing from the spot market can leave you with materials that are damaged, under spec, or just plain unusable. 

Where you source your raw materials from is extremely important. Here's why.

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