Our manufacturing processes have proven to be world class for over 50 years.


Here at R&M Manufacturing, we have four primary services that are performed within our 100,000-square-foot manufacturing facility: Many of our customers enjoy the quality and consistency that comes along with having their entire production process handled by a single fabricator within a single facility. Not only does it reduce order lead times, it also makes quality control measures much more effective. Because we own the entire sheet metal fabrication process, we can deliver a level of quality and consistency that other manufacturers can’t. We take the time to learn each customer’s expectations and needs, along with the specifics of their projects. By partnering with our customers, we can provide a world class level of service.


In metal manufacturing, getting a high-quality prototype doesn’t have to be a pain. Our staff are well-versed in new product development, and we can work with our customers to create a prototype that meets their project specifications. If you have a CAD drawing or concept that needs prototyping, we can get you started and take you all the way through to mass production.


Part of our process is solving problems for our customers. Our engineers and designers can rework a part to reduce the overall cost per part or even to give it a different physical quality like increased strength. If you have a current part that could benefit from a redesign, R&M can help. The manufacturing process is different for every customer we serve. Our customer-centered approach, combined with our investment in our employees and state-of-the-art resources, allows us to meet those varying customer needs quickly and efficiently. Are you interested in working with R&M Manufacturing on your manufacturing project?